Category: Master Agreement Documents

We have compiled an example Master Agreement and its associated annexes and schedules into the document attached below.

The Master Agreement comprises the core membership agreement document that defines the

  1. Scope of the agreement
  2. Agreement principles and policies
  3. Terms and conditions 
  4. Operational commitments made between members
  5. Administration arrangements 

The core agreement terms need to be signed and accepted by members.

The Master Agreement also includes three annexes

  1. Information Governance Steering Group terms of reference
  2. Joint control arrangements – Lead Controller terms of reference
  3. Notification and reporting arrangements applying to all members of the agreement

The Master Agreement also includes:

Schedule A – Risk Sharing and Indemnity Arrangements (where a signature is also required)

Schedule B – Qualifying Standard (where a signed statement confirming the prospective members compliance with the Qualifying Standard is required)



Attached below you will find an example of an email to go out in advance of the agreement and an example of a second email cover note to go out when we distribute the agreement for signature.