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Schedule P - Data Protection Impact Assessments

This schedule to the Regional Health and Social Care Information Sharing Agreement sets out the Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) relating to the joint processing and sharing specifications in place and in development for the Regional Information Sharing Agreement.


Where available, links are provided to PDF versions of the DPIAs. (Please note that for security reasons some DPIAs are not published.)


This schedule was prepared on the date at the top of the page and does not reflect additions and changes to the registers and schedules thereafter.


Data Protection Impact Assessments


ID Name Status
DPIA0001 Connected Care Clinical Platform DPIA0001:Current
DPIA0002 Connected Care Analytics Platform DPIA0002:Current
DPIA0003 GP Extended Hours DPIA0003:Current
DPIA0004 Thames Hospice with Berkshire practices via EMIS DPIA0004:Current
DPIA0005 SCAS Activity Data DPIA0005:Current
DPIA0006 Connected Care Personal Health Record (PHR) DPIA0006:Current
DPIA0007 PCN Analytics DPIA0007:Current
DPIA0008 Unscheduled Care Notifications DPIA0008:Current
DPIA0009 Connected Care Clinical Document Sharing (NHS Trusts) DPIA0009:In development
DPIA0010 Connected Care Clinical Document Sharing (practices) DPIA0010:In development
DPIA0011 Integrated Care and Multidisciplinary Care DPIA0011:Current
DPIA0012 Integrated Decisions Recording in Connected Care DPIA0012:Current
DPIA0013 Child Health (CHIS) extract via Connected Care DPIA0013:Current
DPIA0014 Connected Care Childrens Social Care DPIA0014:In development
DPIA0015 Patient Alerts in Connected Care (BHFT) DPIA0015:In development
DPIA0016 Patient Contacts in Connected Care (BHFT) DPIA0016:In development
DPIA0017 SUS Risk Stratification Data DPIA0017:In development
DPIA0018 SCAS GP Encounter Data DPIA0018:Current
DPIA0019 SCAS 111 Direct Booking with GP Connect DPIA0019:Current
DPIA0020 Thames Valley Together Analytics (TVP) DPIA0020:Current
DPIA0021 Frimley ICS Community Services EMIS DPIA0021:Current
DPIA0022 Connected Care and BSPS Diagnostic Requests and Results DPIA0022:Current
DPIA0023 Emergency Response Volunteers DPIA0023:Current
DPIA0024 Emergency Response Staff Secondments DPIA0024:Current
DPIA0025 ORCHA Signposting to Accredited Apps DPIA0025:Current
DPIA0026 Thames Valley Together Analytics (BFFC) DPIA0026:Current
DPIA0027 OOH Activity and Encounter Data DPIA0027:In development
DPIA0028 CMHTP/GPimhs/MHICS for Surrey and Frimley ICS DPIA0028:Current
DPIA0029 Care Homes Nursing and Connected Care DPIA0029:In development
DPIA0030 Connected Care and Thames Valley and Surrey LHCR DPIA0030:Current
DPIA0031 COVID-19 Anti-body Testing Solution DPIA0031:Current
DPIA0032 Post-Discharge Case Finding and Analysis DPIA0032:In development
DPIA0033 External Organisation Access to BHFT RIO DPIA0033:Current
DPIA0034 FHFT Discharge Planning DPIA0034:In development
DPIA0035 MHICS for Frimley ICS (East Berkshire) DPIA0035:Current
DPIA0036 BSPS Diagnostic Requests and Results DPIA0036:In development

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