A confidentiality agreement needs to be signed between the volunteer and the receiving organisation.  This is necessary to ensure binding arrangements are in place and to help comply with the Data Protection Act and GDPR.

The Regional IG Steering Group (IGSG) has approved the processing of a limited range of confidential information by volunteers without the need for the volunteer to complete the full range of IG training normally required.

The documents below can be used by your organisation to address the confidentiality arrangements between your organisation and any volunteers you receive. 

A briefing note for the coordinating organisation that sets out the key IG considerations and an example process for implementing the volunteer arrangements.

An example offer note to go to potential volunteering recipients.

An example communication to go to potential volunteering recipients confirming the details for allocated volunteers.

An example Privacy Notice to go to potential volunteering recipients.  (Please note that you will need to include your organisation’s contact details at the end of the notice before sending it to patients due to receive volunteer support.)

A briefing note for volunteers regarding their IG responsibilities.

An example document for giving written instructions to volunteers in respect of specific allocated volunteering requirements.  (Please note that you will need to include your organisation’s contact details at the top of the notice before sending it to volunteers for action.)

A template for a confidentiality agreement which can be used for the volunteering arrangements.  This is available as a PDF and as a Microsoft Word document for printing and manually signing.

To minimise the administrative effort of implementing these arrangements the confidentiality agreements may be signed electronically using the Adobe Sign secure electronic signature platform rather than the traditional and currently less safe manual approach. 

Please use the attached template to provide the Regional ISA Administrator with the details of the volunteering you want to support with the Adobe-based approach.

If you are going to use the electronic signature method, to get started, just send us a completed volunteer detail template.

Please provide the completed templates to us on the ISA helpdesk using (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).